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Our Webmaster is Bill Klicker. Visit this great page for a comprehensive look at N.I.F.E. You will love this page. If you want to join N.I.F.E., read on!

Fiero Focus is the newsletter publication of the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts, Inc.. Printed bi-monthly, it is sent to 350 members and 25 other corresponding Fiero clubs. A typical edition contains 16 pages, and offers tech tips, meet-a-member articles, new member information, discussions on past and future events, plus a "Bits n' Pieces" page devoted to" for sale" items and "where can I find it" information.

Membership cost is $25.00 per year. Send a check for $25.00 payable to N.I.F.E., and mail to:

Paul Vargyas

2600 Longview Dr.

Lisle, Il. 60532